Our team

Máté Rieger
HW Development Team Leader

Máté is a demanding and diligent hardware developer with many years of experience in complex PCB design projects. He was leading the design of the world’s first 10-inch intrinsically safe Windows tablet certified for Zone 1.

ADOTT Solutions benefits from his knowledge and good practices that he is continuously developing. He has developed modular circuits to speed up the conversion of existing equipment into intrinsically safe solutions.

Tamás (Bebe) Besenyi
HW and Embedded SW Developer

Bebe has a long record of successful projects in the field of security technology and alarm systems – both in hardware and in embedded software development.

Recently he strengthens our team by lots of codes that bring our PCB-s alive. We are also outsourcing his extraordinary debugging skills to third parties who demand high efficiency in problem solving tasks.

Tamás (Borisz) Kovács
HW Developer

Borisz has gained strong experience in developing hardware for high speed digital signal transmissions, RFID and radio communications.

In our team he deals with high variety of challenging tasks, like development of battery management systems for Intrinsically Safe solid-state lithium batteries with high capacity to be used in Explosive Atmospheres.

Tamás Nagy
Mechanical Development Leader

Tamás is a very practical and neat-handed project manager who simply gets the things done – no matter how complex they are.

His vertically integrated experience from design through locksmithing to final assembly and volume manufacturing makes him a great valued expert and a good fit to our team.

Friderika Kutasi
Mechanical Designer

Frida is a Mechanical CAD Engineer and she holds a degree in Industrial Design.

She has contributed to a remarkable list of product industrial designs, prototyping and composite experiments in order to develop enclosures for highly volatile environments that also have high demands in user friendliness, requiring lightweight but rugged solutions.

Tamás (Tomi) Merkl
HW and SW Developer

Tomi is our young and talented engineer, passionate in exploring the depths of hardware and embedded software development.

His addiction to in-depth problem-solution research and analysis is further challenging and encouraging our innovative ways and our out-of-box thinking.

Boglárka Uzsoki
Operations Leader

Bogi is an experienced leader with strong organizational skills, and her accurate data processing diligence is ensuring our company’s clean reputation in front of tax authorities. She oversees our general activities and ensures smooth operation when it comes to contracts, employees, procurement and accounting. She is also unbeatable in project and manufacturing management.

Helga Törjékiné
Quality Leader

Helga has been through many different challenges in the electrical industry both on manufacturing side and in product development that has broaden her viewing angle to understand the whole picture, and she is also experienced enough to deal even with the smallest details.

She is supporting our team with ensuring our regulatory compliance from the pure organization throughout the research, development and innovation processes all the way to handing over the products for volume production.

Endre Surinya
RD&I Leader

Endre’s experience comes from the long history in electronic manufacturing services and OEM years spent at BlackBerry, and also from IEC membership. He contributed to a number of development projects for explosive atmospheres – some of them being extraordinary achievements at a time.

He is currently leading the technical research, development and innovation with the team he built, keeps the motivation at a healthy level – both within the team and on the customers’ side, and with faith keeps pushing the boundaries wherever it seems impossible.

About us


Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced engineers.


ADOTT Solutions is an engineering service company, focusing on electronic product development (PCB, Embedded Software, Industrial and Mechanical Design). We provide services from product ideas through development, validations and certifications until implementation into volume production. Our engineers are highly experienced in designing complex high-speed circuits and industrial products.

We are proud to have successfully certified a number of complex and energy-demanding Intrinsically Safe products for all zones of explosive atmospheres.

We are honoured to have satisfied clients from all over the world.


We develop techniques to increase the efficiency of Design for Intrinsic Safety


Our mission is to research and formalize techniques, design and design-review procedures that increase the

ADOTT Solutions