Mechanical Engineering Services

Mechanical designer at the table use solidworks

At ADOTT Solutions, we are your one-stop solutions provider, offering comprehensive mechanical design engineering services. Whether you need a simple enclosure, ergonomic product design, or a fully dynamic system, we bring your ideas to reality. We specialize in navigating the complexities of today’s business challenges, providing solutions for overhead costs, lack of in-house capabilities, and managing multiple vendors. Our experienced team excels in delivering product excellence and innovation, guiding clients through a complete cycle of developing innovative products with reduced time to market and improved ROI. We have a broad knowledge of production technology in the fields of metal- and plasticworkings. Our expertise spans various industries, including Medical/Healthcare, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Food Manufacturing, Energy, Oil & Gas, Automation, and more.

Engineering Services

  • Mechanical requirements identification
  • Precise modeling with advanced software (3D CAD Design)
  • Simulation and analysis
  • Rapid prototyping for iterative refinement
  • Designing for Assembly (DFA)
  • Sample fabrication and validation
  • Comprehensive testing and scalable manufacturing
  • Maintenance & support


  • Holistic Product Development
  • Prototyping for Iterative Refinement
  • Comprehensive Product Design
  • Diverse Industry Applications

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