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Ex ZONE1 IoT System

The Zone1 IoT System significantly advances communication and data collection in explosive environments, empowering industries operating in hazardous Zone1 atmospheres. Leveraging a modular and hot-swappable design, the system offers a convenient "puzzle" experience, allowing quick and secure assembly and disassembly of components. With a focus on durability, the Zone1 battery module ensures continuous and reliable operation, supporting seamless data transmission and communication in Zone1 atmospheres. The integration of diverse communication modules, including WiFi, 4G, I2C sensors, and RS485 bus, caters to various communication needs, enabling efficient data transmission and monitoring. The innovative industrial design optimizes usability and functionality, providing a secure and dependable IoT system that meets the stringent requirements of explosive atmospheres in hazardous Zone1 environments.

Develop the Zone1 IoT System to excel in communication and data collection within hazardous Zone1 atmospheres. Our focus is on creating a modular and hot-swappable system that enables seamless assembly and disassembly in explosive environments. The goal is to achieve robust connectivity, real-time decision-making, and remote monitoring while ensuring a year-lasting Zone1 battery module and versatile communication options.

Modularity and Hot Swappability: Create a user-friendly and adaptable IoT system with modular components that can be easily assembled and disassembled in hazardous Zone1 atmospheres. Year-Lasting Zone1 Battery Module: Design a durable battery module capable of sustaining long-term operation in explosive environments. Diverse Communication Modules: Develop multiple communication options, including WiFi, 4G, I2C sensors, and RS485 bus, to cater to various needs in Zone1 atmospheres. Unique Industrial Design: Deliver an innovative "puzzle" experience for secure and straightforward module assembly, enhancing usability and functionality in explosive atmospheres.

Design and development of a Zone1 IoT System featuring modular components with hot swappability for effortless assembly and disassembly in hazardous environments. Integration of diverse communication modules, including WiFi, 4G, I2C sensors, and RS485 bus, to support various communication requirements within Zone1 atmospheres. Creation of a long-lasting Zone1 battery module and a battery charger for safe zone use to ensure reliable and continuous operation in explosive environments. Innovative industrial design to enable secure and user-friendly assembly and disassembly of the IoT system's modules within hazardous Zone1 atmospheres.


  • Modularity
  • Hot swappable in Zone1
  • Year-lasting Zone1 Battery module
  • Different modules for different types of communication
  • Unique industrial design