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Ex Zone1 Remote IO System

The Zone 1 Remote Input/Output System offers unparalleled safety and efficiency in explosive atmospheres. Its redundant high-speed industrial communication ensures reliable data transmission, while the modular architecture allows for easy customization and future scalability. The hot-swappable IO modules enable hassle-free maintenance and upgrades without interrupting critical operations. The system can operate well in extreme temperatures. Embrace this innovative solution to revolutionize communication, data collection, and safety in your industry.

Zone 1 Certified Remote Input/Output System of continuously operating, hot-swappable analogue and digital IO modules with redundant high-speed industrial communication.

Ex ib [ia] Zone 1 ATEX & IECEx certification,
Installable in Zone 1, suitable for field devices in Zone 0,
6 Mbps RS485 communication,
100 Mbps LAN communication,
Redundant Profibus and ProfiNET Gateways,
Up to 256 input or 104 output terminals,
Hot-swappable modules,

Redundant High-Speed Communication protocols like RS485, Profibus, and Profinet for reliable and fast data transmission.
Modular Design to enable easy customization and future expansions, supporting diverse industry needs.
Hot-Swappable IO Modules to facilitate efficient maintenance and upgrades without disrupting critical operations.
Reduce network construction by positioning Intrinsically Safe Certified Remote IO closer to field sensors and control devices in explosive environments.


  • Redundant Industrial communication (Profibus, Profinet, HART)
  • Hot-swappable IO modules in hazardous environments
  • Unique industrial design
  • Complex system Certified for Intrinsic Safety
  • Operational temperature range from -20°C to 75°C