ADOTT Solutions

Ex ZONE1 Windows Tablet

Our Zone1 Windows Tablet solution combines Windows compatibility with intrinsic safe hardware and robust mechanical design, ensuring seamless communication and data access in hazardous areas. With a focus on safety, the tablet functions reliably across a wide operational temperature range, meeting the requirements of harsh environments. Its durable construction, along with drop resistance up to 1.5 meters, ensures longevity and reliability for field use. Workers can comfortably carry the lightweight tablet during their tasks, enhancing productivity without compromising safety. Offering a reliable and efficient solution, our Zone1 Windows Tablet empowers workers to stay connected, access critical information, and perform tasks with confidence in hazardous areas.

Develop a Zone1 Windows Tablet solution designed specifically for Ex Zone1 environments in industries such as oil & gas. The tablet should offer seamless communication, data access, and efficient workflows in hazardous areas, while maintaining the highest safety standards.

Windows Compatibility: Ensure the tablet is fully compatible with Windows OS for seamless integration with existing systems and applications. Intrinsic Safe Hardware: Design the tablet with intrinsic safe hardware to prevent any ignition sources and ensure safe operation in explosive atmospheres. Wide Operational Temperature Range: Ensure the tablet functions reliably within a wide temperature range, suitable for harsh environments. Durable and Lightweight: Create a durable yet lightweight tablet that can withstand drops and impacts while being comfortable for workers to carry during tasks.

Development of a Zone1 Windows Tablet solution with intrinsic safe hardware and mechanical design. Integration of Windows OS for seamless communication and data access. Incorporation of essential features like touch screen display, Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB 2.0 for efficient workflows. Design the tablet to withstand drops up to 1.5 meters and achieve IP65 rating for protection against dust and water.


  • Windows compatible Ex hardware
  • Touch screen display
  • Wide operational temperature range
  • Weight constraints
  • IP65