ADOTT Solutions

Product and Production Certification

Our service empowers clients to confidently navigate their certification processes. From specific product certifications to production process certifications and contract manufacturer certifications, our comprehensive support covers every aspect of the certification journey. Our expert team conducts thorough internal checks on product design and production documentation, ensuring a seamless path to certification with minimized hurdles. Should modifications be necessary to meet standards or optimize products, we provide valuable suggestions based on our in-depth knowledge of Ex standards and norms.

Provide comprehensive and efficient product and production certification management service to clients in explosive atmospheres industries. Overcome the challenges of high product complexity, transparent documentation, and special testing requirements while offering expert consultancy and optimization based on standards.

Seamless Certification Process: Streamline the acquisition of certifications for specific products, production processes, and contract manufacturers. Efficient Production Setup: Facilitate compliance and efficiency in production line setups. Expert Consultancy: Offer goal-oriented communication and valuable suggestions for product design and production optimization. Global Standard Compliance: Successfully handle certifications such as IECEx, ATEX, ISO, UN, and UL.

Tailor-made certification solutions for diverse client needs, including product certifications, production process certifications, and contract manufacturer certifications. Thorough internal checks on product design and production documentation before proceeding with certification. Expert consultancy and suggestions for product or process optimization based on standards.


  • Participate in an international project
  • High complexity of the product and the system
  • Transparent & easy-to-read documentation
  • Special samples for design and manufacturing tests
  • Consultancy: goal-oriented communication
  • Product or process optimisation based on standards